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Welcome Brand Ambassadors


What you will receive every month!

  1. Free bottle of liposomal vitamin c that will cover your daily vitamin c needs.
  2. Discount code to give to your followers for 20% OFF
  3. 10% commission on every sale made
  4. We will repost stories & posts you mention us in, to our own audience creating more brand awareness for you.
  5. Monthly pay-outs on any sales you make when you hit over $15.



What we will leave up to you!

  1. You want to casually put us in your videos from time to time talking about why you are taking it and any benefits you have noticed 
  2. You can also give your followers a discount code for 20% off but we recommended waiting until your second video as they will be more informed about the product by then

Example 👇👇

  • The first video you include us in could be a brief 20 second introduction of the product and why you are taking it! (we will list some benefits)
  • The next video can be talking about any benefits you noticed e.g., increased energy or just better overall wellbeing (note we are not talking about creating a video just on the product but rather include it in your videos as this is much more natural and authentic 

The more you talk about our product leading up to giving out any discount codes the more sales you will generate. The idea is to talk about the product for a few weeks before mentioning any discount codes.

Just make sure you tag our Instagram page on any story you put up!


    Honestly, vitamin c is one of those vitamins that we should be taking daily whether it be from food or supplements and it isn't a short-term solution to any health problems! It is good to let your followers know that they need to take a holistic approach to live a healthy life and get your daily vitamins is just one of those pillars!

    Once you hit over $15 in commission we will pay you through PayPal or we can send you a visa gift card!

    Check out this link on how to maximize your sales