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Tips & guidelines for Maximizing your sales!



Phase one (planting the seed): In your first story you want to introduce the product and explain to your followers why you are taking it and what the benefits are. The purpose of this post is not to sell them anything but to inform them on the benefits one would get from taking liposomal vitamin C. 

The fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic is one reason I recommend that everyone gets their daily dose of vitamin C to maintain a healthy immune system.

Phase two: You want to include it in your stores every few days to show your followers you are taking it. For example, it could be your morning routine. This is just to show your followers you are taking it and you should even re enforce some of the benefits at this phase.

Some past examples of what our influencers put on their stories:

  1. Morning routine 
  2. Take 3 a day to keep the doctor away :D
  3. Keeping COVID at bay with a wink face
  4. Did you take your vitamins this morning?
  5. Water + Vitamin C for that healthy glow 


Phase three (promotion code):

This is what you have been building up to!

This is where you can do a promotion post or story giving your followers a 30% discount code to use at the checkout on our listing! Usually if you have been talking enough about the product people will be interested especially if you offer a discount code! Make sure to contact us if we have not already given you your discount code. 


Best practices!

  • If you do a story, 6-7 slides work best giving the discount code at the end and let them be able to swipe up for most of the slides.
  • If you don't have over 10k followers, its best to do a 24hour post with a link in the bio.
  • Let them know that for the next 24 hours they will be able to get 30% off at checkout!


Just remember these are just some general guidelines to help you maximize sales! We have seen the best results using this type of method as you need to inform your audience over a few weeks before giving them a call to action!

If you have any questions or just want a chat reach out to me on Instagram or email us