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Liposomal Vitamin C 2000mg

HIGHEST POTENCY 2000MG VITAMIN C FORMULAon the market today, our liposomal vitamin c formula boasts an impressive 2000mg per serving. Why settle for 500mg or 1000mg Liposomal C supplements-. Get proactive today and support your wellness journey with ALMO nutrition advanced liposomal vitamins c formula and experience better sleep, energy, skin and mood. Made in the USA, this product contains only HIGH GRADE raw MATERIALS that will help you achieve THE BEST, FLAWLESS most effective RESULTS.
ARE YOU TRYING TO STREGHTEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMto revitalize your skin and beat fatigue? Then you'll love how we take advantage of this exceptional liposomal technology to Help your body kick colds, boost energy & make coughing and sneezing a thing of the past. Liposome technology is revolutionizing the way we take vitamins by successfully avoiding digestive elements, transferring the vit c from the digestive tract directly into the bloodstream achieving superior bio-availability & absorption.
GET SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER ABSORBTION RATES-Our formula utilizes NON-GMO phospholipid Sunflower Lecithin to PRODUCE liposomes, helping the body to ABSORB vitamin C. The Phosphatidylcholine is vital to liposome formation & ensures BIOAVAILABILITY. ALMO nutrition combines ascorbic acid & palmitic acid to generate ester Ascorbyl palmitate, a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C. When combined with sunflower lecithin the capsule creates a natural liposomal ecosystem which leads to enhanced absorption.
BEAUTY BEGINS WITHIN -Did you know that without adequate amounts of vitamin C, the body cannot form collagen? This results in rough skin, dry nails, hair and dull skin tone. That is why we produced a high potency complex formula to help you thrive and get max results. So, stop wasting money on cheap low potency 1000mg vitamin c supplements that barely get absorbed and experience the amazing benefits that comes with our Powerful Liposomal encapsulation technology